Nucleus Compatibility

Unfortunately, not all plugins and mods are 100% compatible with Nucleus. This page lists some of the known issues, and what you can do to work around the issues.

If you know of another incompatibility, please visit us on Discord and talk to us about it.

This page was last updated 28 June 2019

  • Critical issues are where some function of Nucleus is seriously affected in a way server owners are not expecting and have no known workaround, other than removing the plugin in question. It is advised that server owners remove the plugin in question and find an alternative if they wish to use the Nucleus feature it affects.
  • Major issues are where some function of Nucleus is seriously affected in a way server owners are not expecting by default but a workaround exists to mitigate or fix the issue.
  • Minor issues are where some function of Nucleus can be mildy affected, possibly in an unwanted way, but is not enabled by default or has little impact on day to day server running and management. A workaround exists to restore or use the affected Nucleus functionality.
  • Info issues are really non-issues. Incompatibilities with this label tend to be wanted (such as a world management plugin taking over the `/world` command), and are documented here for completeness, along with how to restore or use Nucleus functions.
Mod/Plugin: Simple Tags. Affected Module(s): chat.

Chat prefixes are not shown when using Simple Tags


Reason: Simple Tags overrides the "header" section of the chat message on a late priority and will remove anything there, including Nucleus tags.

Resolution: Remove SimpleTags.

Mod/Plugin: FTB Utilities. Affected Module(s): chat.

Chat prefixes and formatting are not shown when using FTB Utilities


Reason: FTB Utilities alters the chat and may override the Nucleus configuration.

Resolution: Disable FTB Utilities chat-override options, specifically the option "B:override_chat".

Mod/Plugin: ProjectWorlds. Affected Module(s): teleport, back, home, warp.

Cross world teleports might be canceled by ProjectWorlds with a no permissions message


Reason: ProjectWorlds has world access permissions that can block cross world teleports.

Resolution: Grant users the ProjectWorlds world access permission.

Mod/Plugin: Ultimate Core. Affected Module(s): all.

Some commands and features don't work together when using Ultimate Core


Reason: UltimateCore is another essentials style plugin and may conflict with Nucleus.

Resolution: Remove either UltimateCore, or be extra careful and ensure that modules do not conflict.

Mod/Plugin: Topography. Affected Module(s): teleport, back, home, warp.

Topography may block cross-world teleports


Reason: Topography has the ability to take control of cross-world teleports in non-standard configurations. SkyFactory 4 has some worlds with this option enabled by default, which blocks the Nucleus teleport commands

Resolution: Check topography configuration files for any "captureTeleports" options and remove them.

Mod/Plugin: ProjectWorlds. Affected Module(s): world.

The /world commands are not Nucleus commands when using ProjectWorlds


Reason: ProjectWorlds is a world management plugin and takes over the /world command.

Resolution: Use /nworld for Nucleus management commands.

Mod/Plugin: ProjectPortals. Affected Module(s): teleport, back, home, warp.

ProjectPortals takes over some teleport related commands in non-default scenarios


Reason: ProjectPortals may override some teleport related commands such as `/back`, `/warp` and `/home` if some of the ProjectPortals modules are enabled.

Resolution: Disable the module affecting the commands in PJP or prefix the command with "n", that is, "/back" -> "/nback".