Module: Staff Chat - Module ID: staff-chat


The Staff Chat module adds a chat channel for server staff, like mcMMO for Bukkit provided. Players with the permission nucleus.staffchat.base will automatically to listen to the channel, and can use the command /staffchat, /sc or /a to chat in the channel. Running the command without a message toggles whether the player is chatting in the channel, including a message will send the message into the chat channel regardless of whether it is the default or not.

Module: staff-chat
Allows the user to chat in the staff chat channel.

Aliases: staffchat sc a

Root command aliases: /nstaffchat

Usage: /staffchat [<messageā€¦>]

Default Role: MOD

Basic Command Permission: nucleus.staffchat.base


  • nucleus.staffchat.base - Default Role: MOD
    Allows the user to run the command /staffchat
Permission Suggested Role Description
nucleus.staffchat.base MOD Allows the user to run the command /staffchat
The following configuration is the default for this module:
# If true, Nucleus will include all the normal chat tags in the message, in addition to the prefix.
# A Minecraft colour code the denotes the colour to display Staff Chat channel messages in.
# 'The prefix to the staff chat message. Use the following tokens: {{prefix}} - prefix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{suffix}} - suffix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{name}} - real name, {{displayname}} - display name.'
# If "include-standard-chat-formatting" is set to "true", the formatting will be appended to this prefix.
message-template="&b[STAFF] &r{{displayname}}&b: "